Corporate Limo Hire

If you want to stand out in the corporate world, limousine hire is definitely a way to do it in style. Our 300c Chrysler with Lamborghini suicide doors is sure to impress that important business partner or client. Elegant and spacious limousines show you value their partnership and make them feel appreciated. They will not only be met with comfort but have all the modern conveniences of limousine travel that puts their needs first. Limousine hire is also a great way to reward your hard working employees for a job well done. Our service will exceed your expectations and encourage a relaxing and fun night for everyone involved. It is sure to be a memorable evening with your colleagues that will definitely boost morale.

Purchasing a limousine and hiring a chauffer may not be the best thing for your company going forward; luckily limousine hire can be an extremely affordable investment that won’t negatively impact cash flow. Its not only getting from point A to point B, your passengers will ride in style and really enjoy travelling with you or your company. They will have the chance to stretch out and relax after a long flight or hard day at the office. They wont have to worry about driving in an unfamiliar city, with traffic and other stressful things to worry about. When arriving at you company they will embody their high-end reputation and an image that calls for respect.

Why let important business partners have all the fun? Treat your employees on the way to your next corporate event, or hire a limo to give the boss a distressing experience. Whatever the occasion Lavish Limousines have an affordable option that is perfect for your needs. You’ll be thanked for being thoughtful and not only making them feel appreciated but making them look good in the process. Limo hire also affords incredible convenience in terms of travel, whether you’re being picked up from the airport or traveling to a corporate or sporting event, you wont need to worry about traffic or parking!

The extra amenities that Lavish Limousine provides are sure to surprise and satisfy whoever rides in the limo. We have a range of models such as the 12-seater Chrysler, with massaging seats. Yes you read that right, massaging seats. Or go for something more intimate such as the 4-seater sedan. The facilities available in selected models include the ability to select your preferred wine, play your favourite song on the entertainment system and control the temperature with your own air con.

Limousines are without a doubt the most comfortable way to travel. No matter how long the journey you will be able to stretch out and sit back in extremely comfortable seating. Click here to read more about limo hire with Lavish Limousines and see why our attention detail with everything from beverages to music is unparalleled. Arrange your first luxury transfer or set up an account with us today!

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