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How Much Does A Limo Cost To Hire?

A limo is probably the vehicle of choice for many celebrities travelling from A to B, but you don’t have to be rich or famous to hire one.

Costs for a limo in Perth vary depending on the duration required and the type of vehicle selected. You can enjoy a luxurious ride and a classy look at an affordable price without great expense.

In recent times prices for hiring a limo have come down, so if you’re considering a limo, here’s some things you should consider ahead of booking one.

What time of year you want to hire the limo?

It’s simple economics, choose a busy day to hire the limo and you’ll find the cost is more expensive. Expect prices to be a little higher in February which is school ball season, when students want to travel in a limo in style with their date. Graduation ceremonies can also see a surge in demand for limos.

Certain days of the week can have an impact on cost too. Saturdays are probably the most popular day for a wedding so the cost of a limo can be greater. If you’re looking to hire a limo for a sporting tournament or concert in Perth which doesn’t fall on a weekend, then you’ll find prices may be cheaper.

How long do you want to hire the limo for?

When you book holiday accommodation costs will come down the longer you stay. Limo hire is just the same.

A limo for two hours in or around Perth can be as little as $195. Most places won’t hire one out for less than an hour. If you want to hire your limo for a longer period over a weekend for a hen or stag event, then the hourly price may be discounted.

What type of limo do you want?

Stretch limos are not alike. They differ in size accommodating anything from four to twelve and above passengers. Some limos are more luxurious than others and that will impact on costs. A unique vintage vehicle will command a higher price than an older, smaller limousine.

Limos come in all shapes and sizes such as black, burgundy, white and silver and sometimes colour and availability will impact the price.

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Other factors to consider

Other factors come into consideration too – such as where you require the rental. If the limo company travels some distance to collect a group of people, then it may incur extra costs for the fuel and time.

Perth limo hire prices may be higher if you want the limo after midnight or over a long public holiday weekend. In comparison, you may find that you can pick up a limo at the last minute for a more competitive rate.

If you’re thinking of renting a limo in Perth and the surrounding area, make Lavish Limousines your first choice. We have outstanding reviews, which makes us the premier, affordable limousine company in the city. We can help you with your vehicle selection and promise to deliver a service that is outstanding. What are you waiting for? Give us a ring today on 08 9349 0455.

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