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How Many People Can Fit in A Limo?

Limousines are renowned for their long length – why do you think they’re called stretch limos? Many people are curious to know how many people can fit into a limo. The long and the short of it …well, it depends on the model, style and size of that limousine.

A classic limousine may be perfect for a small group of people for a wedding. However, a standard stretch limo can usually accommodate 11 or more passengers, while longer limos can take 20 passengers.

Popular types of limousines

Your classic Chrysler limos are a perfect mid-range choice. Stylish and iconic, they’re distinctive and elegant. The Chrysler 300 can accommodate up to eleven or twelve passengers. With a stunning, sleek body and luxury interior, this limo exudes prestige and class.

Why not make that birthday girl (or boy) feel like a VIP in a Chrysler 300 limousine that can seat twelve guests? Read more to make that show-stopping grand entrance at your birthday party.

If you’re heading to a concert, consider hiring a limo that can fit a group of eleven. A limo journey is guaranteed to ‘drum’ up some excitement en-route to the venue. You and your friends can receive the same star treatment as the ones you’ll later watch on stage. For our limousine concert experience, visit this page.

Have you booked a breakaway? Why not let take-off for a holiday start ahead of the airport? If you are holidaying with friends, let a limo transfer take you all to the airport. Check in to a luxurious mode of travel before checking in for your flight. Go here to discover why a limousine airport transfer is a great idea.

We’ve devised a handy table below to give you an idea of how many people can fit in a limo. Your basic limo can accommodate four people. The largest one in Australia has room for 24.

Limo Type Size Number of Passengers
Classic Limousines (eg Rolls Royce, Daimler, Jaguar, Cadillac, Lincoln, Chevrolet) Small 4 -8
Holden Limousines Small 6 – 11
Ford Limousines Small 6-11
Dodge Nitro Limousines Small 8-10
Chrysler Limousines Medium 8-12
Audi Limousines Medium 10-14
Jeep Limousines Medium 12-14
Hummer Limousines Large 10-24
Exotic Limousines (eg Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, Range Rover, BMW) Varies Varies

The biggest limo in the world

Long limousines have a sense of grandeur and grab greater attention. Take the biggest limo in the world – at 30.54 metres long and accommodating a staggering 75 people, it is simply jaw-dropping.

If you’re a movie buff, you may have seen it already. This world record-breaker, the American Dream Limousine featured in the ‘Spy Who Loved Me’ and ‘Batman Returns.” It definitely has star appeal!

The limo was built in the 1980s by Jay OhrBerg, but recently changed ownership. It underwent an extensive refurbishment to the tune of $250,000 by Michael Manning after being neglected for a lengthy period of time.

As for features, dive in to see what it’s inside – a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a king-size water bed and a small putting green. Perfect to a tee! If you’re dreaming about being a passenger in the American Dream Limousine, park that thought – I’m afraid this limousine is for display only.

michael manning in front of biggest limo in the worldWorld’s largest limo is an impressive 30.5 metres long. Image credit: Michael Manning and Motortrend

What is the biggest limo in Australia?

Closer to home, the biggest limo in Australia is a Hummer. The Hummer Limo triple axle and the Hummer H4 Limo with triple axle achieve similar passenger capacity. Each accommodates 24 people.

The three axles give both vehicles a sturdy chassis which means they can take increased passenger numbers – up to two dozen people.

What’s the largest limo in Perth?

Good news, or should that be Perth-fect news, you can also hire a limo for 24 people here in WA. The H4 Limo is now available in Perth. Let a chauffeur cruise you around the city into the countryside, or along the coast.

The H4 Limo measures 12.5 metres. It’s a beautiful, elegant limo, guaranteed to draw attention and turn heads. The second largest limo in Perth is the 20-seater Hummer. Both are perfect vehicles for a party on wheels.

Of course, you’ll want something to show for, or should that be ‘chauffeur’ your dream journey in a limo. Our uniformed driver can take photos of your group en route, to give you picture perfect, lasting memories of your experience.

For an unforgettable time – hire a limo

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