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Five tips for hiring a limo for your school ball

As you come to the end of your school years, there’s one event on the calendar that’s highly anticipated and not to be missed – the school ball. Plenty of preparation and planning goes into a school ball from finding a date, choosing the right outfit to organising pre-ball entertainment.

But there’s one thing that should take priority and that’s your transport. You want to arrive in style and be the envy of your school friends. If you truly want to experience the height of luxury, select a limo to make you feel extra special for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

If you want to make a grand entrance, here are five tips to consider when selecting a limo.

  1. Choose the limo right for you

There are many different limos available to hire. Popular types are Chrysler 300C, Hummer and Audi limousines as well as vintage and even Jeep limousines.

Each type of limo will have different seating arrangements and a variety of in-car entertainment. Nearly all will provide you with drinks and some will offer extras like a red carpet when you get in and out of the vehicle. Car doors aren’t all the same, if you’re looking for something a little different then ‘gull wing doors’ which lift up will add extra glamour.

Black Chrysler 300C Stretch Limousine

  1. Check the seating capacity

Ensure you know how many people want to share the journey with you. The limo needs to accommodate your guests comfortably, so get a clear idea of the number of your friends who want to come along for the ride.

Limos can seat anything from four to 24 people with limo hire costs depending on the size of the vehicle and amount of time required.

  1. Plan your route and departure

Your chauffeur will drive you from A to B…. or C. You don’t necessarily have to go direct to the ball venue, you’ll probably want to drive around your neighbourhood and take some pre-ball photographs in a picturesque location. Check that your limo company can accommodate this and if your chauffeur will be able to take some snaps.

Most importantly let the limo hire company know your route and confirm definite times for pick up and drop off. Tell them about any planned detours or planned post-ball events.

  1. Select your music

Everyone has their own favourite music, find out whether you can play your tunes on the sound system of your selected limo. Most will do this for you to make your trip more enjoyable.

Check whether they’d like your songs on a USB, disc or whether they can Bluetooth the stereo system to your phone.

School ball limos Perth

  1. Book early

It’s never too early to book a limo for your ball. Remember most schools have their balls at the same time of year, which means you’re up against lots of other teenagers wanting to hire a limo so demand will be high.

Book in advance and you can choose the perfect limo for you and your friends and won’t face disappointment.

If you need further advice about hiring a limo for your school ball, talk to us at Lavish Limousines. We have prestigious, impressive all-American Chrysler limousines, guaranteed to give you the ‘wow’ factor. We are a trusted, long establish limousine company in Perth. Our chauffeurs are courteous and polite and will even take photographs of you and your group of friends so your memories will last more than just that one night.