Can You Drink In Limos In Perth

Can You Drink In Limos In Perth?

Do you want a millionaire’s lifestyle, the opulence and glamour of being chauffeur driven in a limousine? You can emulate that experience with added sparkle and pop when you hire a limo with Lavish Limousines.

Why? Because it’s perfectly legal to drink in a limo in WA as long as you bring your own alcohol.

Talk about an experience with added fizz! At Lavish Limousines, people often ask about the laws surrounding drinking in a hired limo. As one of the leading Perth stretch limo companies, we’ve gone to great lengths (excuse the pun) to explain why anyone hiring a limo with a chauffeur can enjoy alcoholic beverages.

What are the laws surrounding drinking in limos?

Hire stretch limousines, wedding cars and small buses licensed by The Department of Transport operating in WA, are exempt from state street drinking laws – as long as the vehicles accommodate fourteen passengers or less.

You can legally crack open a can or bottle if you yourself have brought it on board. The alcohol needs to be BYO. The onus is on you to bring it. The relaxed liquor laws came about as a result of the Liquor Controls Regulation in WA.

No need to worry about corkage fees at Lavish Limousines – we never charge. We offer all guests ice, soft drinks, waters and glass champagne flutes.

Can you drink alcohol as a passenger in a car?

Many of you are thinking: ‘What if I drink alcohol in my own car in WA?’ Whether driver or passenger, it’s a strict no-go. It’s a red-flag offence. You could face severe financial penalties.

Laws about passenger drinking vary from state to state in Australia, so wherever you’re driving, you need to be familiar with state specific rules. In West Australia, it’s illegal to drink in a car and on a street.

You’ll need to put the brakes on if you want to drink alcohol on a party bus – that’s also not allowed. It’s only smaller charter vehicles that are exempt. It’s similar to bringing alcohol into an unlicensed, BYO restaurant.

Say ‘I do’ to a wedding limousine!

Weddings are joyous occasions. A wedding day is just the beginning of a life-long journey, so why not enjoy a glass of bubbles? If you’re going to be pledging your vows, click here to book your intimate wedding limousine journey.

Of course, before you get to the church or registry office, there’s the hens night or bucks party to organise. Wave goodbye to your single days in style! Whether your group is a gaggle of girls or a batch of boys, you’ll want to take in a sophisticated, smooth ride. Read more about our hens and bucks limo hire in one of our glistening vehicles, with surround speaker systems.

And if a wedding isn’t on the horizon, hire a limo to explore what’s on Perth’s doorstep. Why not visit the Swan Valley, the oldest wine region in WA, home to forty world-class wineries…at last count? Sit back, relax, and admire the landscape of picturesque and rustic vineyards. Let someone else drive you around in a luxurious limousine while you sip a glass of wine. Find out about our Perth Swan Valley Wine Limo Tours.

Soft drinks for school balls

What would Cinderella make of the school balls held today? Long gone are the days of getting dropped off at the school event of the year by your dad in the trusty household Hyundai. A stretch limo is now the transport of choice for your school ball. Travel with your friends to dissect all-important date details and talk ‘his and hers’ corsages.

The Americans call it a prom because it’s the prominent event on the school calendar. If you want to hire a limo to mark the end of your time at school, be advised that under eighteens are juveniles. It means consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden. Liquid refreshments, water and soft drinks – cola, lemonade, and various fruit juices are available instead. For all your school ball limo requirements visit here.

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